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Zhiyun Weebill Lab Setup and Review - Everything you need to know!

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Learn how to setup the Zhiyun Weebill Lab gimbal for your mirrorless camera. In this unboxing and tutorial video, you will learn how to balance the Zhiyun Weebill Lab and how to set it up.

In this Weebill review, also discuss the differences between the Weebill Lab vs the Crane 2.

If you're wondering how to setup the Weebill Lab gimbal or how to balance it, then this video is for you.

The Zhiyun Weebill Lab is an excellent gimbal priced at around $549. You can support this channel by clicking on this Amazon Link.
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  • Evan Thomas
    Evan Thomas 8 месяцев назад If you have any questions about the Weebill Lab, leave them here and I will respond. You can support this channel by purchasing the gimbal from Amazon here:
  • OrganicFarmer
    OrganicFarmer 7 месяцев назад Thanks for the great review....when you say GO you mean full follow mode for use on a monopod? Have there been any improvements to this? I heard you can achieve this by holding the trigger and pressing "LV" 3 times. I am considering purchasing this and would like confirmation of that if possible. Also would like to know if you can change aperture, shutter speed, iso etc. on Canon cameras with the thumbwheel with the camera connected with the micro usb cable similar to the Crane 2. I think it does work on Sony and Panasonic.
  • Dee L
    Dee L 3 месяца назад Hey Evan, I used to have Crane 2 and get used to the all follow "F" mode, and what a pleasure to use the F mode every time with the mono pod to lift up the camera and got the shot, but it's really frustrated to see the WEEBILL LAB change it as the push button which means I have to push it to enter the "F" mode , and holding it all the time . Except for the Zhiyun APP, is there any solution I can maintain the F mode without pushing the button ?
  • Isaac Gomez
    Isaac Gomez 6 месяцев назад IMO you should do hard jump cuts instead of just fast forwarding. good review btw
  • Cevioo
    Cevioo 7 месяцев назад New to your chanel. Really love the content, keep it up and i hope you the best of luck
  • Nelu Ciorba
    Nelu Ciorba 2 месяца назад Thank you Evan, very helpful and bcz of you I ordered one and Zv2 became an history now :)
  • Anne Shi
    Anne Shi 4 месяца назад Wifi connection is so poor. Hope they can improve the service. They are not professional.
  • Kemo Marriott
    Kemo Marriott 7 месяцев назад SERIOUSLY helpful my man. Combined your teachings with that from another video. Yours was actually the most helpful for sure. Thanks so much.
  • Evan Thomas
    Evan Thomas 7 месяцев назад Thank you!
  • dosa Kim
    dosa Kim 2 месяца назад one of the best explanations of gear on youtube. Just simple no frills. Thanks for the straight forward Review and Setup video mate.
  • Carl Gustafsson
    Carl Gustafsson 7 месяцев назад WOW! You look exactly like didrik toenseth (skiier from norway)
  • Shiddy -
    Shiddy - 7 месяцев назад I have a youtube channel but am in dire need of editing skills, software and even a nice vlogging camera- Any tips or recommendations will greatly be appreciated!🙏🏿😊
  • Evan Thomas
    Evan Thomas 7 месяцев назад They say “it’s not about the equipment, it’s about the content”. You can make a vlog with your phone. For editing you can use IMovie or something similar
  • Jesper Andersson Photography
    Jesper Andersson Photography 5 месяцев назад Great review! Thanks a lot, very informative!
  • Tony
    Tony 3 месяца назад I bought a moza air 2. it died. I'm thinking about this one. Im wondering if it has a balance check in the menus? That was a sweet feature of the moza
  • Shantanu Mishra
    Shantanu Mishra 2 месяца назад the fast forwarding is so funnny...🤣🤣🤣
  • Coaster Hipster
    Coaster Hipster 3 месяца назад Great comprehensive setup video! I'm considering buying a gimbal for my trip to China next month, and your review is very helpful :) I'm still a newbie to cameras, so which 'defaut mode' should I go for with when learning to use the gimbal in your opinion? In any event, subbed! Keep up the great work 👍
  • Zedd Legaspi
    Zedd Legaspi 4 месяца назад Can the Weebill lab fit Sony A6300 + Sony 18-105mm F4 Lens?
  • londondia
    londondia 1 месяц назад It says axis lock in the screen on my weegimbal
  • JetSet Calvin
    JetSet Calvin 6 месяцев назад Great video - I just bought this today and know nothing about gimbals so you were a lifesaver!! Thanks
  • Fabian Paulo Yñigo Castillo
    Fabian Paulo Yñigo Castillo Неделю назад Did you have a problem before on your webill show "err:0100" my I turned on my webill then it suddenly rotate to 360 fast and I turned off my webill immediately then I turned it on again then it showed the error.
  • Nathan Rodriguez
    Nathan Rodriguez 3 месяца назад Great video. Simple to the point. Thanks bro
  • Jari Hanhela
    Jari Hanhela 4 недели назад Good tutorial but please either mute the video if you speed it up or simply use jump cut next time.
  • tazdotcom
    tazdotcom Неделю назад Mate well explained and like the way you note the points for a different lens. Any videos on the app set up and how to use it :)